Cast Paper Mixed Media Collage: Poppies

poppy feature I got inspired to make some new paper cast assemblages like I used to make in the “good ole days”.  Years ago I made cast paper assemblages and consigned them to four galleries at the same time.  I would make up to a dozen pictures on the weekend when I announced to my co-workers I was having an ” artquake”.  It was easy making 12 at a time because there is a lot of waiting for the stages of drying. poppy watercolor This is how the wet paper looks after it is freshly molded and painted while it is wet. poppy paper I save scraps of printer paper when I plan to paper cast. poppy paper 2 Step One: pour water in the blender and keep adding printer paper scraps blending until the paper has returned to pulp like texture. poppy shape and mold Step Two: gather some paper pulp and press it on a doubled up towel (or a wire screen) . After pressing out most of the water flip the molded paper to the other side. poppy paint

I use regular watercolors to paint on the wet casting.

poppy watercolor Step Three: Apply the watercolor! I used four different shades of red and watched them blend together.  I also made many small pod shaped pieces that I painted green while they were wet. poppies 2 I used pieces of 20 gauge black annealed  wire to make the stems. After the poppies dried I noticed places I missed…they needed to be touched up with red paint. poppies 3 Since I was out of red watercolor I added red acrylic paint to made the poppies POP! poppies 4

Isn’t it fun?

poppy feature

I had leftover paper pulp so…..

network start I had an old shadow box frame I wanted to use for an artsy version of paper casting.  I used leftover paper pulp from the poppy assemblage to make square pieces. network finish I painted the dry squares watercolor shades of blue with gold acrylic edges. It was fun to experiment with gold lame’ cord and wire with beads. I titled this piece “Connections”.


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