Repurposed Inspiration: Junk Jewelry Assemblage

junk jewelry feature Yes, I used some more junk jewelry to make a mixed media collage! My viewers might get tired of seeing these 10″ x 10″ assemblages but I never get tired of making them.  I sell them at a darling  gallery in Seaside, Oregon named Sunrose Gallery.  We usually price them $42.00-48.00 so they are an affordable price for a piece of electic art. junk jewelry closeup 3 I used scrap pieces if scrapbook paper for each background and secured a complimentary piece of junk jewelry on top with a dollop of E6000. junk jewelry closeup 4 I purchase vases of junk jewelry at Goodwill, they are so fun because you never know what you will find in that vase! junk jewelry closeup 1

These assemblages have no ryhme or reason, I just go for pretty!

junk jewelry closeup 2 The thing I like the most about the assemblages is you might see something different each time you look at it! junk jewelry feature When I go to estate sales I usually find handfuls of costume jewelry and think that folks could make a lasting keepsake memory displaying the jewelry like my junk jewelry assemblages.  Just saying!  :  )


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