Repurposed Inspiration: Miniature Sewing Kit

sewing kit front I am downsizing!!!!!  I am moving from a 1400+ sq. ft. home to a 730 sq.ft home!  I have never taken so many trips to Goodwill in all my life with a car full of stuff to donate. LOL.  I had a big sewing basket full of spools of thread and assorted sewing notions. However my days of creating with a sewing machine are over. sewing kit side I decided there were three colors of thread that represented my wardrobe so I chose white, black and brown thread spools to store in a plastic gelato container with a nice lid.  I wrapped the gelato container with pretty shades of washi tape. sewing kit needles I placed this cool container of needles at the bottom of the container so I do have a nice selection of needles.  (The bigger the eye, the better….right?) sewing kit front Last, I used hot glue to attach a whimsical paper flower and a large lime green button. Now I can tuck this sewing kit in a drawer or cupboard and hopefully it will be eye catching enough for me to remember where I put it after I move next month. haha.


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