Repurposed Inspiration: Texas Puzzle Necklaces

blog feature necklaces texas puzzle

I was in Texas over the holidays and had so much fun shopping boutiques in the towns of Granbury and Glen Rose.  The towns are very picturesque with an adobe city hall in the center of town with four square blocks of shopping around it.71ce2782-151b-423b-bb45-41f24d7b0c0c.9564258eb60a4a55ed8c1ec8fdf0630e

I purchased this puzzle with making necklaces in mind!


My daughter and I had fun putting the puzzle together.  I coated the areas with Mod Podge that I wanted to separate into necklace pendant sections.  I actually attempted more sections of the puzzle…but they didn’t cooperate!

blog feature necklaces texas puzzle

After it was all said and done I was only successful in making three actual puzzle necklaces and made the other two from the puzzle box itself!  Since the puzzle cost $18.00 I probably wouldn’t purchase another box to do this project again…unless I found the puzzle at a garage sale.

texas puzzle 3

texas puzzle 2

texas puzzle 1

blog feature necklaces texas puzzle

I’m planning to visit Texas again later this spring and will have some fun necklaces to wear!


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