Repurposed Inspiration: Cookie Cutter Heart Hanging

cookie cutter hanger feature

You can’t think of February without thinking Valentine hearts!  That is what sprang to mind when I found a package of cookie cutters at Goodwill recently.

valentine hanging goodwill bag

I got all these for $3.99 at Goodwill!  There were more cutters of different shapes and sizes so I sorted out the heart shaped ones.


cookie cutter hanger start

I decided to use four heart shaped cutters in descending sizes.


cookie cutter hange closeup 1

Step One: drill holes in the top and bottom of each cutter.

Step Two: Use Mod Podge to line the inside of each cutter with silver glitter and let dry.


cookie cutter hange closeup 2

Step Three: Use hot glue to attach rhinestone junk jewelry and pearls to the outside edges of each cutter.

cookie cutter hange closeup 3

Step Four: make short bead strands and attach the cutters together using one at the top for the hanger.


cookie cutter hanger feature

Isn’t this sweet and romantic to fill an empty wall spot for February?

This cookie cutter hanging is at Sunrose Gallery just in time for Valentines Day.






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