Repurposed Inspiration: Junk Jewelry Project #1

Junk Jewelry Frame Collage

I still have some junk jewelry from my last Goodwill jar!  I used up a handful of it in this mixed media Junk Jewelry Collage.  I used theme “What a Wonderful World”.


junk jewelry 2022 project 1 supplies start

I got the frame at a garage sale for $6.00!

Step One:  Cut scrapbook paper to fit each box and attach with glue stick. I tried to use complimentary colors so it wasn’t matching, but adding pops of color.

junk jewelry 2022 bracelet key holder start

When surveying the pile of junk jewelry I picked out pieces that represented our “world”.  After the glue was dry under the scrapbook paper:

Step Two: Use E6000 to secure the pieces to the insides of the boxes.

junk jewelry 5

The junk jar contained some cool lapel pins and pendants.  The owl pendant became the focal of the collage.

junk jewelry 2

The dolphin worked well on the scrapbook paper…it was complete serendipity the line to differenciate the water!  The clear marble pendant had actual plant life embedded.

junk jewelry 3

The rhinestone butterfly seemed to like it’s new spot and I place a scrapbook coin to add dimension to the rustic pendant underneath.

junk jewelry 4

A bracelet and an odd collection of  charms filled up two rectangular segments.

junk jewelry 6

Finally I secured a hanger in the back of the tray.  I used an actual necklace chain from the junk jewelry jar.

junk jewelry 7

It is so fun to make these mixed media collages…you see something different each time you look at it!

Junk Jewelry Frame Collage


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