Mixed Media Inspiration: Birds of Sorrow Collage

birds of sorrow collage

I love to collect phrases and have had this one sitting around for a while!  I have been hoping to find some pretty cookie tins to make a bird for the collage but decided to use three pieces of pretty scrapbook paper for the bird and forget cookie tins.

birds of sorrow collage FYI

Step One: Paint the canvas and attach scrapbook paper for a focal point.

Step Two: Use a clip art bird as the pattern to cut a body, wing and tail from different colored scrapbook paper.

Step Three: Use permanent markers for the border and dots to decorate the edge.

Step Four: Use glue (I like Zip-Dry) to attach the bird to the collage.

Step Five: Draw a twig in the birds beak.

Step Six:  Print the sentiment and attach with glue.


birds of sorrow collage


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