Mixed Media Inspiration: Sassy Girls Triangle Dolls

sassy gals feature

I’m always trying to think up a new twist on an inspirational idea.  Since my customer is usually a tourist (coming to our resort community here in Oregon) I like to keep my costs and prices low.  If the price is right the tourists buy!

sassy 1

These little “Sassy Girls” are super simple to make.  Start with a Christmas Tree shaped triangle of cardstock and cover it with scrapbook paper using hot glue on the back.  Next use some fabric trim to decorate near the bottom.

sassy 2

Notice the top of the triangle from the back…I left a wad of paper at the top to attach the head.  Make a loop of 20 gauge wire and attach on the back for a hanger.

sassy 3

This is a closeup how the scrapbook paper goes off the end of the Christmas tree shape to be a sturdy tab for the clip art face.  FYI: I got the faces on Etsy by searching for Retro Housewife Faces.

sassy 4

The finishing touch:  A pretty paper flower at her neck.

sassy gals feature

These sassy girls are the perfect size to tuck in a greeting card!

Since I posted this, I have been contacted by folks who want to make these so I made a kit available in my Etsy Store!   Click on this image to go to my shop:

sassy girls kit photo for whimziville

The paper doll kit has all the supplies to make 10 Sassy Girls:

sassy girls feature for whimziville

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