Craft Adventures: New Scripture Verse Paper Doll Kit

verse doll for whimziville feature

Well I am officially in the craft kit business.  I listed my Sassy Girls Paper Doll Kit last week in my Etsy Shop and sold the first one within 24 hours.  That got me inspired to go through my blog history and make some kits from some of my popular blog posts.

I made a new version of Scripture Verse Dolls and can hardly wait to see how popular they become on Etsy.


verse doll for whimziville

The set is for 6 paper dolls that each have a little hanger.

verse doll for whimziville 3

The kit includes six faces, trims for the little dress bottom, a wire hanger and a piece of scrap paper to hot glue the hanger.  There are little paper flowers that didn’t make it into the photo as well.

verse doll for whimziville 5

The wings are already decorated with Rangers Stickles for some depth and sparkle.

verse doll for whimziville 6

The kit makes 6 paper dolls and the price is $12.00 with free shipping.

The paper doll kit is very easy to assemble.  Cut out the “dress and wings” as one piece, cut out the head, decorate the front with the flower at the neck and some ribbon trim.  All that is left to do is attach the wire handle with some hot glue.

This is the perfect rainy afternoon craft for teens to make.


If you want the free version of Scripture Verse Dolls in my previous post click HERE


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