Repurposed Inspiration: Altoid Doll Mixed Media Collage

she dreamed of paris feature

Paris is on my bucket list and there is not much chance I will cross it off my list, but you never know!  I have collected a variety of Paris ephemera and used them to make a background collage transfer (using Mod Podge) for this mixed media piece.

she dreamed starting

I used an Altoid tin, a piece of cupboard hardware, some paper clay arms and legs and a clip art print of a playing card queen as the inspiration,

she dreamed of paris closeup transfer

It was slightly disappointing how my Mod Podge print transfer turned out but it probably was good the images weren’t as crisp and brightly colored because they melt into the background.

she dreamed of paris closeup doll

I used wire cutters to cut the cupboard hardware in half to make the angel wings and lined the altoid tin with a background image plus washi tape on the inside and outside of the tin.


she dreamed of paris closeup words

I like the FREE MAGAZINE FONT letters…so bright and whimsical.

she dreamed of paris feature

This piece is at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon where it will be on the wall with my new collection of 10 x 10 mixed media collages.

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