New Queen Card Kit + Free Printable Supplies For You to Make

playing queen example front I got the idea for these queen dolls in 2017 and was fortunate to have them published in Green Craft Magazine because it’s a way to repurpose playing cards.  Since I have dived into the kit making business for my Etsy shop, I decided to make a kit to sell.  I am providing the instructions and printouts if you want to make your own version. img_20170602_00031 These are the instructions printed in the Green Craft Magazine….I decided to be lazy and attach instead of printing them out! img_20170602_00041 Hopefully the instructions are east to understand!  Now to feature my new kits: playing card queen kit info The Playing Card Queen Kit comes with everything shown here plus the instructions. queen card fyi 2 I love these sentiments!  If they look familiar it’s because I use them on a variety of crafts. I am providing a printout of the crown, skirt and sentiments for your use if you want to make your version of a Playing Card Queen!


playing card queen photo for pdf

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