Repurposed Inspiration: Egg Carton Nest Egg Ornament Instructions and Etsy Kit

nest for whimziville

Believe it or not, the tutorial for this Egg Carton Nest Ornament is the most popular post I have ever made in my WhimziVille blog. At this writing that blog post has had 3,869 views! As I was going through past posts to get ideas for new crafting kits to sell in my Etsy shop, it was a no-brainer to make a kit…especially because the ornament is really easy to make.

nest 1

I decided to make a new post to show how to make the ornament again, but also show the contents of my new craft kit.  The clear egg cup comes already decorated with the moss on the sides to make it easier to add the pearl necklace at the correct level. First step is to attach the handle.

nest 3

The kit comes with a beautiful glass pearl necklace to wrap around the egg cup.


After the necklace is hot glued to the cup it’s time to place a cotton ball (included in the kit) in the bottom of the cup and cover with moss.

nest 5

Next, hot glue the rhinestone strand, the pretty pearl decoration and the pearls that simulate “eggs”!  It is a fun project to do by yourself or include the kids!


nest for whimziville

nest instructions

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