Repurposed Inspiration: Refrigerator Magnet Art

refrigerator magnet feature I like to make lists!  A few years back I purchased a stack of magnetized list pads that are convenient to attach to the fridge.  As I have emptied the pads I save the magnet backing.  This week I decided to try making a little piece of art to brighten the kitchen.   refrigerator magnet start I find a lot of joy in making lists!  It keeps me focused and it’s so satisfying to cross things off!  I got my stack of magnetized back pads on Amazon. refrigerator magnet supplies I used a piece of blue scrapbook paper for the back and printed out an artsy edge from my collection of edges I have purchased on Etsy through the years.   refrigerator magnet feature I used a face from my collection of “vintage housewife faces” and love the sentiment! refrigerator magnet 1 The next piece of art is going to be more of a collage but this certainly brightens my kitchen!  Isn’t it fun to get double duty from a practical item such as a refrigerator list pad?  

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