Repurposed Inspiration: Ceiling Tin Tile Dolls

The owner of Sunrose Gallery texted me recently asking for another “Wanna Smootch” themed piece.  I told her I was out of frogs…because all the pieces with that theme had featured a frog.  My reasoning is you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!  Cathy responded you don’t NEED a frog.  LOL

wanna smooch start

I purchased this tin heart at a garage sale because I thought it would make a perfect base for a doll.  I made up about 20 paper clay faces which are really easy to paint and are the perfect size for a large tabletop doll. I printed out some pieces of clip are and a saying to decorate the bottom.

ceiling tin doll start

I love the ceiling tin tile look and thought I might be able to replicate the heart and use a tuna can for a solid base to make more dolls.

ceiling tin tiles
I found these ceiling tile sample sets of three on Amazon!

I cut them into the same heart shape using the original tin heart as a pattern.

The set of three ceiling tins yielded 9 heart shapes!

The garage sale tin heart made a darling tabletop doll and it will be nice to have 9 more tin hearts to turn into dolls.

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