Addicted to Sayings

“Don’t Grow up, it’s a Trap!”

My purse is a mess!  It is usually littered with torn scraps of paper with a new “saying”  that have the word “KEEP” on the back side of it so I don’t carelessly toss it when I admit I need to clean it out.

I have about 50 or 60 sayings that are keepers!  “Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap” is one of them.  Sunrose Gallery in Seaside, Oregon has sold mixed media pieces with this saying for me through the years.

Bird Cage Garage Sale Find

I was so happy to find this metal bird cage at a sale this weekend!  I knew right away it would make a cute assemblage and I pictured a little girl on the swing that I made with plastic beads and necklace chain.


These are my supplies and you will notice the cage bottom is the lime green cardboard from the pumpkin bubbles I got at another sale this weekend.  YAY!




My darling clip art girl is on cardstock for sturdiness and a bead hot glued to her bottom that has necklace chain attached the same size bead is hot glued to the top so it was super easy to make the swing.  A scrapbooking border was attached to the outside edge and left over scrapbooking flowers hot glued to the border.



I have a good selection of clip art dogs and the basset hound was the perfect shape to hide the brass candle point on the bottom of the cage.




Yep, when you’re a kid no bills to worry about, no mean old boss, and on and on. Why did I want to grow up so fast, LOL?????  Someone with a whimsical sense of humor is going to love this assemblage!



This angel tree topper will be a fun mermaid tree topper!

Still have a lot to do but it is really fun to make a mermaid!


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