Some Rings and Some Wire

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWanna know how I came up with the idea for this fabulous window treatment?

Well….. in 2003 I had my first shopping experience at Cartm in Manzanita, Oregon.  To this day my heart rate goes up when I pull in their gravel parking lot!  Dress warm, because the huge buildings aren’t heated and don’t bother coming if you don’t like to get rust and dirt on your hands. Things are stuffed in drawers so if you don’t get nosy, you might miss exactly what you didn’t know you needed! Continue reading

Pick up the Pencils

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hate to admit it, but I usually only draw when I am on vacation!  They say confession is good for the soul so I will tell you honestly: I am a lazy artist! LOL. I use TONS of graphics for my mixed media art like this Mermaid I finished yesterday, but I usually purchase digital downloads on Etsy. Continue reading

How to make a Floral Chalkboard — Sue’s Creative Workshop

My husband asked what I was doing up in my workroom all afternoon. I said “just playing”. Sometimes when inspiration strikes, you just have to create PLAY. It makes me Happy! Here’s what I was doing… I think the Floral Chalkboard makes a fun decorative piece and is really easy to make. To make the Floral […]

via How to make a Floral Chalkboard — Sue’s Creative Workshop

One More Out the Door

sassy citrus kitschy window treatmentMy phone pinged yesterday when I was driving in my car and I had to put my curiosity on hold until I pulled in the driveway.  I had a new email from my Etsy Whimsiville shop notifying me that “Sassy Citrus Kitschy Window Valance” had sold! Continue reading

Red, White, and Blue!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are rapidly counting the days to the Fourth of July!  I thought it would be fun to make a post of my patriotic birds that are so easy to make.  It is fun to collect tin containers throughout the year at garage sales and thrift store.  My biggest prize was the bunting print tin!  The bunting is so cute with the red striped house shape next to it. Continue reading

Joyful Collaboration!


This is your official introduction to Joy, owner of Pacific Crest Cottage in Gearhart, Oregon.  Joy has helped me pay the bills since 2007.  She dreams up ideas and I have fun making them come to life.  Like me, she has a whimsical mind, but with an elegant twist! Continue reading

Beachy Map Lamp Shade

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeveral years ago, I found a bunch of yachting maps at a thrift store.  I snatched them up and have used them as the base of a fun whimsical lamp shades.  I like to put a phrase on the lamp with magazine font letters.  This lamp says “We are all islands in the big blue sea”, it was really fun to make! Continue reading

Queenly Thoughts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think the Renaissance was the most romantic time in history.  Ah, if I could have only lived then, but still have my glue gun and microwave!  I love making queen themed art.  I have purchased queenly items for my own décor as I find them inspiring.  Queens are more than ordinary! Continue reading

Flower Power

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACelebrate the first day of summer tomorrow with a repurposed cardboard wreath! I so look forward to summer flowers and sometimes change my walking routine to walk past little cottages here in Seaside that have whimsical flower gardens. I made up several of these wreaths for a bazaar and  Cartm, a 80% recycled art gallery in Manzanita, Oregon Continue reading

Artful Collage Necklaces


I have fun collecting necklaces that have space to make a little piece of art. They are fun and whimsical and  I sell them at a local gallery and in my Etsy shop.  They can be really colorful or more subdued with a thoughtful message. These necklaces are an artful mini collage perfect for a jeans and t-shirt day! Continue reading