Altoid Shrine Beaded Fronts Kit and Free Printable

I have had so much fun thinking of projects to turn into kits I can sell in my Etsy shop WhimziVille. Since I make a lot of Altoid tin projects I designed a heavy cardstock shrine shaped front that can be decorated with 6mm plastic pearls and glittler glue for some pizazz.

This set of altoid tin shrines show the variety of styles. The first tin is fabricated with an Etsy shop download, so it only takes a few minutes to put a shrine together using the shrine frame. The middle tin shrine is a combination of scrapbook paper, a metal charm and a thoughtful message. The last shrine took a bit more work using vintage sheet music, a magazine image plus the saying.

The kit includes 6 Heavy Cardstock shrine frame images that you can cut out, decorate with glittler glue and pearls.

My favorite glitter glue is stickles by Ranger. I got the collection of 6mm pearls on Amazon! This container of colorful pearls is going to make it easy to make my shrine front kits!

Cut out the heavy cardstock frame, decorate, and place a bead of E6000 all around the rim of an Altoid tin that contains a mixed media assemblage and Wa-Lah you have instant art that is upgraded without a lot of work.

Here are the contents of my new Shrine Frame Kit in my Etsy Shop WhimziVille.

I wanted to give folks a sample of the shrine frame all you do is CLICK AND PRINT:

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