“Painting” with Tissue Paper: Inspiration!



I got the 40″ x 30″ piece finished and love how the quirky tissue paper background turned out.  I also got to use up some bags of repurposing supplies plus use some of the stuff I found at last weeks garage sale.

I thought it would be fun to make a free printable greeting card with this image, it is available at the end of the post, just click on it and print out full size with a sheet of cardstock in your inkjet printer!

Last night I browsed the internet for more inspiring ideas using tissue paper as an art supply and found some really cool ideas:


The site is lisbonlx.com   and the artist has taken tissue paper collage to a new level!


This idea is so fun and playful, I wish I would have thought of it!!!!  The web site is aliceandlois.com and they give a great tutorial.




This tissue paper example is from ihanna.  It looks fabulous as it is, or would be a great background for a journal page or mixed media collage.  Very inspiring!

I am folding up my tissue paper for a while but I wanted to leave you with a free printable of my collage, just click and print on cardstock.  It is sized to 5 x 7 but you can resize it to fit your envelope or print it and put it in a little frame.  Enjoy!

love you to the beach and back greeting card photo



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