Wrapped Yarn Necklace Ideas

Trio of Yarn Wrapped Necklaces

I picked up a skein of varigated yarn in the clearance bin at Michael’s Craft Store recently and wanted to see how many crafts I could make with the delicious fall colored yarn.  I think these necklaces are a good beginning!



The base of one of the necklaces is a large bamboo wrapped bead and the other two are copper tubing that was tucked in a drawer from a project long ago.




The copper tubing was one piece and I used this trusty tool to cut it in sections.  You can get the copper tube cutter at any store that sells copper tubing and works easy and slick!  All you do is tighten the cutting ring on to the copper tubing and turn it around until it has made a cut in the tubing and isn’t tight anymore.  You tighten the cutting ring and repeat until the piece falls off.  I wanted to make a longer piece for a statement necklace and the smaller piece to slide on the necklace chain.




To start the wrap, I used a dab of hot glue to connect the yarn to the copper.



Then coat the copper tube with good craft glue (I like Aleene’s Tacky Glue) and wrap the yarn tightly around to the end and secure with some glue smoothing it down to STAY!  (Saying “now you be good” to the yarn helps!)

Trio of Yarn Wrapped Necklaces

I have trays full of necklace findings and beads so it was fun to dig through the stash and find accent beads and copper necklace chains.

The large statement necklace and the bamboo bead necklaces have wires running through them with loops at the ends to attach the necklace chain.  The small necklace slides on the necklace chain.

You can make a necklace in less than an hour and it is a good project for you to keep or give away.  REMEMBER Christmas is coming.  (I apologize for being a nag!)



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