Altoid Gift Tin Ideas

altoid feature
Altoid Gift Tin

My husband is an Altoid guy and he is faithful to hand me a tin when it is empty. The tins are fun to repurpose into collages, wall hangings or for a Christmas Gift Card container.


I used several quick steps to make my gift card tin, I started with a flat lay picture stacking three trees on one side and the Santa charm on the other, took a photo of if and printed it out for the background.  Then I hot glued another tree and the Santa charm on the printout.  It was fast and easy and I like the 3D look.

altoid feature
Altoid Gift Tin

I like to look on Pinterest to see what other ideas folks come up with and there is a bountiful bevy of inspiration!


Wow Stephanie Kraft!  This is outstanding!


Tastefully simple!


So cute!


A little collage of papers


A true assemblage…. very pretty


Cute decorations with the die cuts!


This is my favorite!


How Christmas-y is this collection from The Creative Pointe?

My husband put a double bladed axe on his Christmas list…so the Home Depot Gift card is going in my little Altoid Gift Tin!

altoid feature
Altoid Gift Tin


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