A Collection of RED Parts

red parts windchime feature

I had this collecion of red (and pink) pieces that were purchased at garage sales and Goodwill through the years.  They ended up in a clear plastic shoe box labeled RED PARTS.  When I put them on the table to sort, it seemed they could come together as a whimsical wind chime!

red collection wind chime

Even if you don’t have the ceramic pieces, large macrame beads can easily be used as the base for your wind chime.


red parts top closeup

This is the last piece from a bag of homemade ceramic parts I got at Goodwill about 8 years ago!  I used it as the top feature by threading a 17 gauge wire through it and making a swirl at the top and a loop at the bottom.



red parts sections

Make loops at the top and bottom of your large macrame beads.


red parts inside

The tiny teapot gets a wire loop on the inside…..


red parts outside

…..and outside!


red parts windchime feature

Step One:  Make the feature top have a swirl at the top and a loop at the bottom.

Step Two: Cut a wire 10 inches long and loop it in half.  Attach the loop to the top feature.  Bend each end like the photo and attach a macrame bead to each side.

Step Three:  Prepare the tiny teapot with loops on the inside and outside. After the loops are finished use E6000 to glue the top permanently.  Cut a 3″ wire and make loops at the top and bottom to attach the teapot to the center.

Step Four:  Add clanging elements to the 10″ looped wire.

Step Five:  Add clanging elements to the tiny teapot by threading them on the outside swirl.

I hope this whimsical wind chime will inspired folks to use up odd pieces that are too cute to toss.  Wind chimes make cute and inexpensive gifts!

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