Repurposed Inspiration: Bungie Cord Necklaces

bungee cord feature

Sometimes I try a craft just to see if it can be done :  )  This project lead me to a craft product I have never used before: cord end caps!  These necklaces were not only fun but really easy to make.


bungy cord necklace supply

I found these mini bungee cords in the hardware section of the store for $2.97.  I loved the bright colors.

bungee cord info

Step One:  Use sharp scissors to cut the cord to remove the metal hook.

Step Two:  Have a Bic lighter close by to quickly singe the end so it doesn’t unravel.

Step Three:  Add jump rings and beads or other pendants or decorations.

Step Four:  Use E6000 to attach cord end caps to each end.  The end cap should be very close to the exact size of the cord.  ( The bungee cord was 7mm wide)

Step Five:  Finish the necklace by adding chain.

Sunrose Gallery is displaying two of my bungee cord necklaces, it will be fun to see if they sell!



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