Free Printable: “Would Eat Here Again” Dish Towel Inspiration!

would eat here again final

I like reading reviews on YELP and thought it would be fun to make a free printable for a flour sack dish towel that folks could use for a Christmas “yelp-like”  present idea for the foodie in their life.

would eat here again

I use t shirt transfers for DARK FABRICS because the colors come out very clear and crisp.

would eat here again before ironing

Cut out the letters very close to the font so as  only alittle white shows.  After you cut out the sections don’t forget to remove the backing or your letters don’t stick to the towel.

would eat here again parchment.jpg

After the backing on the letters and star section are removed, center them on the towel and place the parchment paper over them carefully.  Apply the hot iron (NO WATER< NO STEAM) for about 30 seconds going back and forth to make all the sections get attached with the heat.

would eat here again final

The message is permenantly attached! The dark t-shirt transfer package says the image will be bright for at least 30 washes. This is such an easy Christmas present idea! I have attached a free printable for you to make your own.


would eat here again photo for pdf







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