If you don’t make it…you can’t sell it!

My feature wall at Sunrose Gallery in Seaside, Oregon. I share the wall with Leslie Gibbons who makes the shrines and mirrors above my mermaid paper mosaic.

I like telling folks that I love my boss.  What boss?  I am my own boss!  I did have a “day job” for 35 years and paid the bills as a dental assistant.  Now that I get to live my dream, making stuff is my day job and if I don’t make it, I can’t sell it!  I start each week contemplating which venue needs attention. I create items for six local galleries/shops and have two Etsy shops.

Sunrose Gallery and my Etsy shop LittleLaLaOriginals take turns every month competing for first place in the “Who made the most $$$$” category.  My customer at Sunrose is most likely a tourist and they select my creation as a gift or souvenir. Each week I set aside time to make something new with a beach, repurposed, or souvenir idea behind it.

I have two bookcases that I keep filled with clear shoe boxes of my stained glass valances.  The bookcase holds 36 valances.  Yesterday I faced the fact that there were 10 empty spaces!  Yikes, I have ignored my Etsy shop! Yesterday I took an inventory of my glass and put chunks of it in my window to get some complimentary combinations.

Three LittleLaLaOriginals valance combo’s.  My shop is completely out of brown tone valances so I need to think of several ideas.  I am inspired by the yellow,green and flaming orange Uroboros art glass!

I will have to put repurposing on the back burner for a few days and pump out some valances.  I try to make 2 or 3 versions of each valance because I make them to fit a 30″ wide window because most folks need a larger size.  If I make two of the same, I  have options to offer a 50″ valance and remove the extra pieces.

My schedule seems like a natural tide.  One day a tide of creative ideas rolls in for Sunrose.  I make what I am inspired to do.  The next day there is a need for one of my Etsy shops, and the tide brings fresh new valances.  The goal is to be in the flow of being inspired and creating new things, pricing them so they flow OUT, and flowing with fresh new ideas for….them to go out again!  The bottom line is if I don’t make it…I can’t sell it!

il_570xN.1207362142_dbc3Hopefully by the end of the day I will have a fresh green valance similar to this one listed in my Etsy shop!


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