Thanksgiving Again

40″ x 30″ “Wish You Were Here”

I got a text from Cathy who owns SunRose Gallery at 5:30pm Monday.  “Guess who waved good-bye to SunRose today”?  To my surprise, relief, and gratefulness my    40″ x 30″ mixed media paper mosaic sold.  I appreciate patrons who give me the compliment of purchasing something that cost hundreds in hard earned cash.  I certainly don’t take it for granted that a piece WILL sell, but I make it in hope that it will.  :  )

I have two more 40″ x 30″ canvases that I could fill up with my brand of mixed media and am open to making another large piece if an idea pops in my head!  “Wish You Were Here” occupied my dining room table for a month because I worked on it on and off after it turned into something I regretted starting.  LOL

I am amazed and happy it sold! I am counting my blessings and looking forward to next months gallery check!





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