Santa’s Workshop

Ode to Lee

Has God given you the brother you never wanted? LOL Well, God gave me Lee + the sister I never had in his fabulous wife Sue.  Lee and Sue.  Definitely more than friends, we consider them family.  Well, I could tell you about 100 hilarious stories that have accumulated since I met them in 2003.    My nickname for Lee is “The Monitor.” LOL Lee nags me and I dish it back.

Lee and Sue started collecting my art back in 2003 when I was in art galleries that have since closed their doors. They like anything I make because they are artists in their own right and love anything handmade.

Sue and I made a trip to the city recycling center at Manzanita, Oregon in October.  They have a retail junk store and I found this paper deer head and exclaimed when I found it:  “I found Lee’s Christmas present!!!!”  Sue just shook her head and laughed.


At the time I imagined printing out “layers” of Lee’s face and making his head the mounting on the wall.  Lee is an outdoorsman and actually has mounted trophies. Well, the idea was too complicated so I moved to Plan B.

I found some really cool scrapbook paper at JoAnn’s Craft Store.  It is stiff burlap paper similar to the feel of poster board in stiffness.  I got the brainstorm to cut out the deer pieces in the burlap paper and forgo the eyes.  Lee and Sue live out in the boondocks and have the daily ritual of feeding a small herd an apple or two.  Sometimes the deer actually peer in the window prompting a trip to the garage for the apples.

So I made a 3-D paper apple wedge and put real apple seeds for a realistic touch.  I was tempted to gussie up the back board but liked the more masculine plain back so the deer would stand out.

Santa’s Work is Done!

This year we made a pact to only give handmade gifts.  So Lee’s “gag gift” was finished.  I decided to print up a stack of my new greeting cards and tied them in a ribbon for Sue.  However I wanted to give them something BIGGER.  I found the idea for a hanging lamp on Etsy, and made my version which uses one of those cool Edison Light Bulbs.



I used two 14″ macramé rings for the top and bottom and attached chicken wire.  The branches are from the backyard and I had a good selection of little faux birds.

My work is done in Santa’s Workshop!  Now I have to go out in the garage and find some boxes!

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