Garage Sale Report #13 Before



Got some inspiring goodies this weekend!  You never know what you will find… that is the fun :  )  Here are my ideas:


The round “thingy” for lack of a better description will be a whimsical assemblage using up (hopefully) the Red Rose Tea figurines.  It will simulate a ferris wheel with cheerful colors.

I was so happy to find the left hand wall hanging I forgot to take a photo of BEFORE, this piece is a commemoration of National Left Hand Day.

I am removing the bottom of the wood seahorse and using it in a beach themed  window valance.

The frame was 50 cents, couldn’t pass that up…a beachy mixed media will work in that!

August 18th is World Honey Bee Day so I will cut up this tin and use the bees in a whimsical Queen Bee crown made from window screen!



When I spied the dream catcher earrings, I pictured a mixed media assemblage with the picture of a woman’s face and these earrings worked into her hair and the title popped into my mind, “Oh Sally, She was a Dreamer”.  LOL

I found the seagull necklace just in time for another porthole picture.

So I have some cool projects to work on for next week….YAY.  Hope you have a great weekend!


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