One Cup At A Time

10 x 10 Mixed Media “One Cup at a Time”

It’s been so much fun using the calendar pages I got at an estate sale recently. When I saw the stacked cups page I had to have it!



I can’t visit my friends without being offered a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea.  A hot cup is really welcoming on a rainy day here at the North Coast of Oregon!  When I thought of snipping the colorful cups out of this calendar page and stacking them the saying came to mind:  “Take Life One Cup at a Time.”  Since so many of those hot cups of coffee have been shared with friends, I wanted to represent friendship in the collage too.




I searched through my clip art backgrounds and printed out this pretty blue striped paper and used gel medium to transfer it to the 10 x 10 canvas.  After the canvas was prepared I cut out the colorful cups and adhered them with hot glue to the canvas.



I love these pebble faces.  I got the pebbles at a garage sale this summer, they are actually pebble tiles for a shower floor!  I printed out clip art faces and glued them to the pebbles, now the faces are 3 dimensional.




I have clip art bodies that I printed and cut out for the whimsical friends.


one cup at a time magazine font

Magazine font.  It is sure worth the time it takes to sort through magazines and cut the cool fonts out.  They add to the whimsy and they are free!


10 x 10 Mixed Media “One Cup at a Time”

“Take Life One Cup at a Time” means pace yourself and if we reach out in friendship to others we will find joy in the journey.



  1. Very whimsical and very creative! I like those pebble faces … they remind me of pictures you see of flappers when they wore cloches with their dresses, or the bathing beauties in their swim caps and bathing costumes.

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