Inspired by Pottery Barn Maple Leaf Wreath

sheet music wreath feature

I admit sometimes I waste some time on the internet looking for inspiration.  My favorite sites are Pottery Barn and Pier One Imports.  I like to see trends in colors and occasionally I see something that makes me think….hmmm I could make MY VERSION of THAT!




I saw this outdoor wreath made with metal maple leaves.  WOW!  It is pretty awesome but if I had it on my front door, it wouldn’t be there for long.  Our fall days get pretty windy.

My brain saw sheet music!  Large sheet music maple leaves would be really cool. I found a free clip art pattern for a maple leaf and sized it to 5 inches wide.


fall leaf coloring page ? radiorebeldefo


I cut out 32 maple leaves and used watered down acrylic paint in fall colors.  I found it worked best to cover the leaf with water BEFORE adding the acrylic paint, then the acrylic paint doesn’t block out the notes on the vintage sheet music.



After the leaves were dry, I used Ranger Stickles to simulate the leaf veins.




After the Stickles was dry I cut a gold wire 6″ long and attached it on the back of each leaf with hot glue and covered it with the scrap of paper.



I wrapped each gold wire around the wreath form, overlapping the leaves and trying to vary the colors.  After each leaf was attached securely I used a skinny pencil to coil the extra wire.




This wreath was really fun to make if you want to try making one, click on the clip art maple leaf and you can print it out on cardstock for a pattern!  YIKES…..I am getting in the mood for fall :  )


Sheet Music Maple Leaf Wreath




  1. That is just gorgeous – Fall is in the air here today … usually the neighborhood folks have their harvest decor out, but it’s been way too hot to buy pumpkins and if you get the hay now, it will be sprouted and green in some places by Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving. Your wreath will be a keeper for many years to come.

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  2. Ohh, I absolutely love this! I normally don’t make fall wreaths, going from Halloween right to Christmas, but this one made stop, and think… No Mesh?! Sign. Me. Up! Lol! I also have this great antique French Music book set that’s over 100 yrs old, that I grabbed at a local yard sale. The guy is well known in my area bc he owns probably the only music store in the area. He told me the books came from his old piano instructor when he was kid, and she taught music at Harvard, and taught piano lessons on the side. He apparently ended up being close with her as he grew up, and when she passed, the books were some of the many many things she left him. He said he ended up with so many sets, and bc he can’t speak/read French, he decided to pass them on for someone else to enjoy or do SOMETHING with. When I mentioned I craft & was now hesitant to cut them up, he said Go for it, make something from them, or many things, and let the pages be seen, and enjoyed,, instead of sitting in the dark of a closet, collecting dust.
    Anyway, lol, this is one of those things that can absolutely be enjoyed! I think, even leaves made with old maps would look kind of cool, too! Thanks again for the tutorial! Love your blog!

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    • wow! You go for it I love using materials that have a story behind them. I got books of sheet music at a thrift store several years ago. I did a bunch of sheet music projects and kept seeing the name of the owner. When I only had a few sheets left, I Googled the name. It was a music teacher in Portland, Oregon and he was the inspiration for the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus! I wish I would have looked it up sooner and known! LOL


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