Germany Earrings

germany earrings FEATURE


Who needs a map?  Everyone has smartphones to lead the way.  I got a huge map of Europe at a garage sale and thought it would be fun to make some paper earrings. They are surprisingly sturdy because each section is held with some hot glue.



First punch 14 pieces of map with a 1″ paper punch and fold each piece in half.



These are really easy to put together BUT you must not have any glue at the fold or you won’t be able to get your head pin in the center when it is time to stick it through.


Start by quickly placing a bead of hot glue along the edge of one side and some in the center.  (I forgot to show in my illustration that you put a quick squirt of glue in the center of the half moon) .  Quickly secure that side to the back side of another piece keeping it folded in half.  Then secure another piece to the other side working around until you have used 7 pieces.

Then use a 2″ long head pin with seed beads or other earring findings.

HINT:  Keep all your pieces in the face up and the right direction.  I put one of my pieces upside down!

germany earrings FEATURE

Super easy and really fun to make.  I have been to Germany 3 times and have visited some of the cities on these earrings!



  1. Very clever – you can wear them to the nearest Oktoberfest – they were advertising one near me just today. I always thought it would be in October (just a guess and going by the name) but in Munich they advertise it for Sep 22, 2018 – Oct 7, 2018.

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