Japanese Baby Shower Light Box

japanese light box feature


Watashi no burogu o chekku shite kurete arigatō!  That means “thanks for checking out my blog” in Japanese.  I belong to the web directory “Blogarama” and they send me hundreds of views a day from people all over the world.  I notice I have views from Japan almost every day, in fact so far this year I have had 1,097 views from Japan.

I thought I would give a nod to Japan today when I made a fun baby themed light box that is really easy to make and would be the hit of the baby shower if you made one.

japanese supplies

You need:  A cardboard gift box, some pretty gift wrapping paper or scrapbook paper, a sheet of vellum (mine was lightly decorated) some fabric trim and a battery operated tea light.

Step one:  Print your special name on the vellum paper.  HINT:  vellum will print better if it is attached to another piece of regular inkjet paper.  Use a little piece of double stick tape at the top of a plain piece of inkjet paper and place the vellum on top.  Separate the pieces after you print the name on the vellum.


japanese cut corners

Step two: Cut the corners of the vellum paper to match the corners of the gift box. After they are all cut, simply fold the pieces down and use hot glue to hold them.  Vellum will make a crisp fold when you fold it down if you rub the edges of the box after the paper is folded down.


japanese light box feature

Step three: use hot glue to cover the sides and back with pretty paper.  Then use hot glue to cover the edges with some fabric trim. I only had a sample of the blossom gift wrap paper so I couldn’t cover the back side of the box, but the sides were wrapped in the pretty paper.

Step four:  Use and awl or file to poke a hole in the back of the cardboard gift box.  After the hole is big enough (use a pencil to make th hole big enough) to insert the lighted tip of the battery operated tea light, use hot glue to attach it to the back of the light box.


japanese dark

This project is very easy and is a nice way to really personalize your baby shower gift.  You can use paper to match the baby nursery decor.  You don’t have to think baby shower…even a 10 year old loves to see their name on something.  A personalized light box is a perfect birthday or Christmas present too!

Why did I choose the name “Nozomi”?  According to a website I Goggled, it was the #1 girls name in Japan in 2017.  It means Heart of Hope.  What a wonderful name!

I appreciate my viewers from all over the world!  Hello to Germany, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, France, India, Luxenbourg, Singapore, New Zealand, UK,  and many many more.


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