Gift for Dog Lovers #1

Free Printable Picture Frame

I guess it’s about time you meet my “granddoggers” which the name that popped in my head to describe the darling family of King Charles Cavalier spaniels that have been adopted by my daughter and son-in-law.  This photo is missing their newest addition, Luna!  Hopefully a new photo will come soon with all four of my darlings.

My son-in-law actually posed this photo…I can’t believe how perfect it is!  So meet Anna, Bella, and on the back step sweet little Gracie.  You can believe those four footed kids fill their house with love and joy.  It is so fun to watch them interact!

If you have a dog lover in your family, this makes an easy and inexpensive gift (or stocking stuffer because Christmas is coming.)  It also is a cute Christmas Bazaar idea.


I made the original frame with scrapbooking elements and had fun adjusting it in my computer with digital software that adjusts hue and saturation for several different frame choices.  They print out for a 4 x 6 picture frame.


my kids have green negative



my kids have green


my kids have brown



my kids have purple


my kids have paws

And now for my final thoughts:    THINK PAWSITIVE TODAY!  LOL


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