Free Printable Bookmark “This is Where I Fell Asleep”

bookmark feature 2
Free Printable Book Mark

I purchase lots of cool digital downloads from Etsy, and I found a moon sliver image that I wanted sooooo much, but I wouldn’t be able to make a download for my blog viewers because it was for personal use only.  So I went on the hunt and found this public domain image and I am just as happy how my paper bookmark turned out!


book mark

The bookmark pieces print out at approximately 3″ so it makes a bookmark that will really stay where you leave it.

Step One:  Print out the front and back pieces on cardstock.

Step Two:  Hold the pieces together and use a tiny hole punch to make holes on two straight sides of the bookmark as shown.

Step Three: Use thread (like quilters or two strand gold cord) and run it through all of the holes securing each end of the thread with a tiny dab of hot glue.

Step Four:  Round the upper corner to match the circle of the moon sliver, if you like.

These bookmarks go together lickey split and would be great to make for yourself or to tuck into a friend or family member’s Christmas card.  Any book lover will appreciate one!

Click and Print:

fell asleep 1 without words

fell asleep 2 without words

I have never been one to read a book in bed, I like to curl up in a chair to read.  But when I was a kid at home my youngest brother did and sometimes when I walked by his room I saw the flashlight under his covers.  When I tiptoed into his room and pulled back the covers (like any big sister would do out of nosiness) I was always so happy the book he was reading was the Bible!  Wasn’t that cool?


bookmark feature 2
Free Printable Book Mark

To all the bookworms who take a book to bed, I say to you “Sweet Dreams!”.


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