No Place to Hide

5 x 7 Inspirational Collage

Storm warning!  Storms are headed your way! I wish every day could be sunny and bright.  Everyone knows that storms will come. Are you ready to weather the storm?



I got this photo from a storm preparedness website.  Wow, it is powerful. Considering the vantage point of the photo it looks like someone has no where to hide.   Hopefully the tornado will careen in the other direction.  They need a miracle!

I thought this photo was a good illustration for what I hoped to communicate about the verse that is featured in my mixed media piece:

“Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me under the shadow of your wings.” Psalms 17: 5

Most people have experienced tornados in their life…cancer or a serious disease, divorce, death of a spouse or child, loss of a job, the list goes on.  I have had my share of dark stormy days and I am guessing you have had some too.

We can go through the storm by ourselves or we can go to God and “hide under the shadow of His wings.”

I reach out to God in faith.  Years ago when my husband left I found how to “hide under His wings.”  I dragged myself to work everyday and came home at lunch hour filled with despair over my situation.  That is when I talked with the Lord and read the Bible. By the time lunch hour was over my deflated spirit was gone and I could actually feel joy.  I had living proof God is real and felt His comfort. I was hiding.

“Hide me under the shadow of your wings” is a request to be close to the Lord.  If we take the first step He welcomes us with open arms!

It makes me sad that folks don’t think they need God.  They go through the storms of life pulling themselves up by their own boot straps.  Maybe being independent is such a habit that folks don’t know there is an option.  I hope there is someone who is reading my thoughts today who admits to themselves they are weary weathering the storms on their own.  They are tired of the energy and courage they have to drum up to drive down the highway when another tornado is coming at them.

Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are waiting for you to come for a rest.  Come as you are.  Don’t worry about the past, you have a new beginning today.  Get out of the car and hide under the shadow of His wings.

5 x 7 Inspirational Collage








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