Repurposed Leather Purse Reversible Necklace

rev pen 2


I cleaned out my closet and that meant some purses had to go.  I have a hard time letting them go even though the bottoms and the edges are scuffed and looking ragged.  This necklace is really easy to make because all you cut are two circles, cut the circles in half and glue those pieces together.  Then you use hot glue to attach the two pieces so the necklace is reversible.  This side the white is predominate…

rev pend 1

And the other side the fushia is predominate!  This casual necklace is perfect for jeans and a t-shirt.



I started with a cream colored purse and a fushia make-up bag.



Step One:  Cut out two 2″ circles. One fushia, one cream colored.


I purposely cut the cream colored circle on some of the stitching so there would be some added interest on the side that the cream is predominate.

Step Two: Cut each circle in half and use white craft glue (Aleene’s Tacky Glue) to glue the two matching pieces together.

rev pen 2


Step Three: After the glue  is set, take the two leather sections and place one piece at an angle, keeping the feeling of completing a circle. Use some hot glue to attach the pieces.

Step Four: Punch a hole in the tops of each piece, secure a jump ring and thread a necklace chain through.

I love how the stitching design decorates the predominately cream side and the fushia side is understated and casual.

rev pend 1

This necklace pendant simply flew together in less than 1/2 hour and was a fun way to reclaim some leather sitting around in my closet.


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