Egg Carton Lapel Pin + Mixed Media Collage

baubles feature

My husband is always faithful to ask if I want stuff before he dumps it in the recycle bin.  When we polished off the last of the eggs I surprised him by saying “yes” to the egg carton.

egg carton start

I had done a few projects this year using shrink film and I wondered how egg carton plastic would shrink!  So I got out my scissors, but I quickly changed to the wire cutters which work perfectly cutting the plastic.

egg carton 2

Step One:  Cut out individual cups.

egg carton paint

Step Two: use several colors of paint to make the colors pop.

egg carton 4

Step Three:  paint the inside of each cup.

egg carton bonus 2

Step Four:  place the cups on a foil or parchment lined pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 2-3 minutes.  WATCH THEM.


egg carton spray

Step Five: I used a gold felt pen around the edges and made a black center with a black paint pen.  Then sprayed a light coat of clear .

egg carton 5

Step Six:  Attach a back pin with hot glue.

egg carton bonus

I had extra pieces that I made into a bonus collage!

egg carton canvas

I squirted hot glue swirls and painted over them with shades of green acrylic paint.


baubles feature

This lapel pin turned out so sweet and dainty, it’s hard to imagine it was part of an egg carton!





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