Repurposed Tin Necklace Set #2

tin 2 feature

This tin necklace actually reminds me of a shirt collar now that is finished!  It is the second necklace made from the tin container I got at Goodwill.

goodwill feb 2019 2

This metal tin just keeps on giving!

goodwill tin earring set faststone

I used the lid of the tin container to make the first necklace.


If you have never tried repurposing a tin container, you will be amazed how easy it cuts with the right tool.  Wire cutters cut through the tin like butter.

tin 2 start

I got a beaded necklace in a jar of Goodwill jewelry and played with ideas.


tin 2 font closeup

I drilled holes in the fronts and tops of each piece and threaded beads from the old necklace.

tin 2 bead chain

It’s easy to make a beaded chain with head pins, you just keep connecting the eyes.

tin 2 gold chain

My Goodwill jar of old jewelry had several chain necklaces.  I shortened the chain to 6″ with wire cutters and attached the beaded chain sections with jump rings.


tin 2 earrings

I cut sections of the same gold necklace chain so a seed bead head pin would attach easily in the center of the chain  and swing with movement.

tin 2 feature

The fun thing about repurposing tin containers is that you can make something OOAK that truly stands out in a crowd!


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