Repurposed Junk Jewelry Tree

jewelry drawer feature

I can’t resist buying bags and jars of junk jewelry at Goodwill or garage sales! However, when I straightened a drawer last week it was obvious I am going to have to dream up some junk jewelry crafts.  That is how this junk jewelry tree was born.


jewelry drawer start

Too many baggies of jewelry!

jewelry drawer pile

Since the bag of gold parts was the biggest, it is the first to go!


jewelry drawer trunk

Each jar or bag of junk jewelry is chock full of gold necklace chains which I separate into chains I want to reuse in jewelry remakes, or chains I want to use in mixed media crafts.

jewelry drawer trunk start

I started by printing out a clipart tree trunk and painted some gold for a background. I squirted rows of  E6000 glue to attach the chains, that way I could push them around to make room for another row.  I left the lobster clasp on one chain for a whimsical touch.

jewelry drawer top

I cut out a “fluffy” tree top pattern for the background with some blue toned scrapbook paper so there would be a slight background showing through occasionally.


jewelry drawer swirls

Oops, I forgot to tell how I decided on the assemblage color.  I Googled “Trends in Color 2019” and this color popped up as the #1 trending color according to Behr paint.  My accidental trademark is swirls, so after I put on a little gold border with a paint pen, I use my Ranger Stickles to design a few swirls at each corner.


jewelry drawer feature

I used half the baggy of gold tone on this piece and if this one sells…there will be another one soon to take it’s place!


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