You Can’t Have Rainbows Without the Rain

rainbows feature

I got this silly frog along with other cute frog stuff at a garage sale recently.  The frog has so much personality and with his yellow rain slicker, he is perfect for Sunrose Gallery, here in rainy Oregon.  We get an average of 79″ of rain a year!

You can always spot the tourists, because they carry umbrellas.  The wind turns umbrellas inside out, so we have raincoats with hoods!


garage sale report frog


rain 2

I decorated an Altoid can with red washi tape on the outside and turquoise diamond wrap on the inside.  Raindrop scrapbook paper was the perfect background for some pretty teardrop rhinestones.

rain 1

A 300lb watercolor rainbow tops the piece with some fluffy paper clouds.


rain 3


and last, I made a matboard easel for the back so it sits very sturdy.


rainbows feature

I bet a loyal Oregonian buys this!



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