Magazine Springboard To Ideas


springboard feature

Ideas, ideas, ideas!  I purchased a bunch of magazines recently and WOW, they were packed with photos that springboarded into fab-u-lous ideas!  It’s funny how a picture can launch an idea and I thought it would be fun for you to see all the inspiration.


springboard ideas 1

Idea #1:  Use my barnwood clipart for greeting card background.

Idea #2: Cut out this photo of wood moulding to decorate a greeting card or collage.

Idea #3: Cut this paper in a rainbow shape for a greeting card or collage.


springboard ideas 2

Idea #4: Make a 10 x 10″ canvas with a gold star that is filled in with broken gold and silver jewelry.

Idea #5: Make a wire tree and construct a similar box to hide the battery pack.

Idea #6: Make a mixed media collage like this,  however the tree will be necklace chains.


springboard ideas 3

Idea #7  Make a mash up of this idea with the Anthropologie (photo below) inspired watercolor circles.

anthropoligie inspiration

I found this image in the Anthropologie catalog.  I like to do “Inspired By…” art pieces but I like mashing up these two ideas!


springboard ideas 4

Idea #8: Folks can take a side view of their Mom, and make a profile of her head with a crown on it using black foam board that is painted with chalkboard paint for a Mom Chalkboard.


springboard ideas 5

Idea #9:  Squirt hot glue on my silicone mat like the red heart in this piece of art to make a “rubber stamp” for greeting cards or a mixed media collage.


springboard ideas 6

Idea #10: Decoupage some tin cans with napkins using Dishwasher Safe ModPodge.


springboard ideas 7

Idea #11:  If I can find a cheap chandelier, cover it with twigs and mini lights.


springboard ideas 8

Idea #12:  A cool way to use up my kraft paper rolls I have had for about 15 years!


springboard ideas 9

So I got all these ideas PLUS all these cool fonts for my collages and greeting cards!  It was a fun morning tearing up the magazines and depositing what was left of them in the recycle bin about 3 hours later!



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