Just for Mom on Mom’s Day!

mom canvas bag feature

Happy Mother’s Day!  I still am on my quest to use up my washi tape supply and this cute chevron washi tape makes a good design to spell out “MOM” using fabric transfer paper.

Step One:  Use the free printable pdf. below to use as is or print it on cardstock, cut it out, flip the letters over so you can cover them with your own washi tape.  Mom prints forwards and backwards!

Step Two: Load a sheet of dark fabric transfer paper in your computer paper tray.

If you are using my free printable, follow the directions and print the dark fabric transfer sheet.

If you are using your own washi tape, after you have covered the card stock paper letters with washi tape, put them on the platen in your printer and make a color copy of them on the fabric transfer paper for dark fabric. 

Step Three: Cut out the letters that are printed on fabric transfer paper and space them on the canvas bag.  NOTE: after you have the letters in place where you like them, put a dab of glue stick to hold them in place (after you have peeled off the backing)  before ironing them to the canvas.  Dark fabric transfer sheets are so easy to use because you don’t have to reverse the printing, just peel off the backing, space them on the canvas, and iron on.

Step Four:  I glued a plastic flower charm in the center of my “O” for extra decoration.  If you use the free printable pdf. you don’t need one!

mom canvas bag feature

Nowadays canvas bags are so handy to have and since they are reasonably priced at the craft store (especially with a 50% off coupon!) it is a fast and practical craft project.  :  )

Click and Print:

Mom pdf for Canvas Bag photo


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