Kids Craft Tissue Paper Fish Themed Crafting Ideas

kids craft fish bowl feature

I couldn’t resist ordering some fun fish themed tissue paper from Zazzle to use for a tissue paper craft simple enough for kids to make.  This Dollar Tree round vase has been turned into a faux gold fish bowl and the battery operated tea light turns it a darling little night light for the top of the dresser.


kids craft fish bowl start info

Supplies you need are water colored tissue paper, gold fish clip art, a round vase, school glue, a sponge brush and water.  Plus a battery operated tea light if you want to have a night light.


kids craft fish bowl start

Cut or tear blue toned tissue paper into “wavy” strips and green tissue paper into kelp shapes.  Measure out 1 TBLS. of school glue and 1 TBLS. of water and mix well. The glue needs to be watery.


kids craft fish bowl step 1

Paint on a thin coat of glue mixture all around.



kids craft fish bowl step 2

Place strips of tissue paper on the wet glue, smoothing with the sponge brush.  Don’t worry if there are wrinkles, just make them as smooth as possible.  Alternate colors to simulate the wavy water currents.


kids craft fish bowl step 3

After the blue strips are all applied, let them dry for 1/2 hour.  Then you can apply the watery glue where you want the “kelp” to be placed.


kids craft fish aquarium_13

Cut out the goldfish clip art (Google free gold fish clip art or order gold fish tissue paper on Zazzle)  and apply them by wetting the blue tissue paper with the watery glue  where you want the goldfish placed.  After all the gold fish have been applied, set aside the fish bowl until it is completely dry then go over it completely covering the surfaces with watered down school glue to seal it completely.

kids craft fish bowl view 1

Now your “goldfish” bowl is finished and you can put a battery operated tea light to turn it into a night light.


kids craft fish night light

It looks so pretty in the dark!

But wait, there’s more.  LOL



Recently I have been making Kid’s Card Kits on Etsy and they have been selling! I thought I could put together the tissue paper fish bowl night light kit or  picture frame “aquarium” kit.

After giving it some thought, I settled on the idea of the picture frame “aquarium” kit because shipping a dollar store glass vase isn’t cost effective.  I price my kid’s craft kits $15.00 including shipping.



After I got the idea to make a tissue paper kit, I went on the hunt for some cute fish and found this goldfish tissue paper on Zazzle.


kids craft fish aquarium feature

Using the exact technique shown above for the gold fish bowl, I turned a Dollar Tree picture frame into an “aquarium” piece of art.  It looks darling hanging in the window as the tissue paper and goldfish are transparent.

kids craft fish aquarium colorful feature

I also purchased this whimsical fish themed tissue paper to make the fantasy aquarium wall art.  I plan to list these two fish themed craft kits soon in my Etsy shop.










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