Repurposed Inspiration: Beaded Christmas Tree

lighted tree feature

You never know what you’ll find at Goodwill!  This lovely lighted tabletop Christmas tree never would have happpened if I hadn’t gone 40 miles away with my friend Sue to Tillamook Goodwill.  YAY!


bead tree start

This 16 inch mesh tree was a little spendy at $6.99, but inspiration is worth a little extra sometimes!  I was disappointed to discover this metal tree didn’t like to stand on it’s own, it tipped over easily.



I live in a coastal community on the North Shore of Oregon and a local Mom and Pop shop caters to fisherman by having a cool selection of lead fishing weights…so I purchased a 12 0z lead weight.



A good amount of E6000 secured the lead weight to the tree, so it would support all the goodies I planned to attach to the front.



First I painted the mesh tree bright green and let it dry overnight. I used two old necklaces, some flat green beads and several colors of crimped tin ribbon for the main decoration.  After all those items were attached I used hot glue to attach foam gold and red glitter balls I got at Dollar Tree.


Last, I pushed battery operated Christmas lights into the mesh holes for a OOAK Christmas tree makeover!

lighted tree feature

This tree will be featured at Sunrose Gallery for their December ArtWalk!







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