Repurposed Inspiration: Encouraging Altoid Angels

altoid angels feature

I ordered a big package of aluminum tins similar to altoid tins.  I love the shape for dolls you can hang on the wall.  I had fun spending an afternoon coating a stack of them with Vintaj metal patina colors.  The Vintaj covers the aluminum in one coat and dries almost instantly.  That’s handy for impatient …ME!

altoid angel

Each doll has it’s own personality.  I cut the images for the faces out of craft magazines and try to match the saying to the vibe of the face.


altoid angel side

Step One: punch a hole in the bottom of the tin for the little beads to attach later.

Step Two:  paint the tin on the inside and outside.  Let Dry.

Step Three: line the inside and outside with washi tape.

Step Four:  Use scrapbook paper to line the inside back of the tin.

altoid angel bottom

Step Five:  Use a long jewelry head pin to secure a short set of beads to decorate the bottom.


altoid angel back 1

Step Five:  Attach clip art wings to a stiff piece of cardboard and use hot glue to attach to the back of the tin.

Step Six:  Make a wire swirl with swirls at the top and the bottom so the head can be supported with the top swirl and the bottom swirl will attach securely with hot glue.

altoid angel wing

Step Seven:  Poke a hole in the cardboard wing to attach 20 gauge annealed wire handle.

altoid angels feature

It’s fun to find the perfect phrase and matching beads for each little doll!

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