Queen of Forgiveness

“Queen of Forgiveness” Mixed Media Assemblage 10 x 10

Where’s the Queen?  She is tucked inside the little repurposed altoid tin for an interactive twist on my series of Queens.  Forgiveness is #8 in the Ten Virtues for the Modern Age.  “Ten Virtues” defines forgiveness as a “long memory of all the times when we wouldn’t have got through life without someone cutting us some slack.  It’s recognizing that living with other’s isn’t possible without excusing errors.”  I can’t argue with that.

As a believer I have a different perspective.  While some folks believe forgiveness is an option, the Bible tells me it is mandatory.  Matthew 6: 14-15 ” For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” YIKES. The power is in my own hand!

I read a really good book in the 1990’s called “The Bait of Satan” by John Bevere which explained  forgiveness.  Right after I read the book, I earnestly searched my memories and to my shock discovered a lot of memories where I had harbored unforgiveness.  Nowadays I empty my pockets of hurt right away so I don’t have any unforgivenss to deal with.


I had this metal hand sitting in a drawer for about 3 years!  I put it on a background that is intended for Our Lady of Guadalupe for a reverent pose.  The hand is pewter and needed some brightness so it got a coat of gold felt pen and real fingernail polish.  I used some wire cutters on the costume jewelry ring so it would fit the metal hand and glued it with some industrial glue.


I just noticed I have a typo!  RATS! There is no space between “forgiveness” and “means” so I will need to make a new printout!  I will forgive myself. LOL.

I am happy that this piece is interactive because I believe it will have more impact to anyone who looks at it.




  1. I think there can be levels of forgiveness. Something we think has been dealt with may resurface, as part of another memory. There may then be more work needed in letting go and forgiving at a deeper level. Your art seems to reflect that process, of opening up and finding another layer!


    • You are soooo right! After I read the book, I asked the Lord to bring anything to my mind where I was harboring unforgiveness. It took about 3 weeks before the memories quit coming back! LOL My own little test to see if I am “all clear” is how I can earnestly pray for the one who I needed to forgive. Thanks for the critique about the other layers, right on!

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  2. I love this! A few years ago I was trying to figure out how to forgive – and I realized that I needed to pray and ask Christ to lead me to forgive. When I first saw this piece – the hand looked like hands in prayer and there was an immediate connection. Thank you for sharing this beautiful representation of forgiveness!!


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