Repurposed inspiration: Triumphant Trio

Upcycled Harry and David Christmas Trio

Patience pays off!  It took me 5 months to find the perfect tins to make wings for my Harry and David Christmas Cocoa Tins.  I bought the tins at a garage sale in June and found the tins this weekend.  This set will be inventory in a Christmas bazaar later this month.


I had the little pewter frames forever and am glad to finally have a project to use them.  It is surprising how easy tin containers are to cut.  My old tin snips easily cut the edge and slice through the tin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI collect faces and really love this little girl.  The frame is attached with industrial glue and supported with a strip of mat board that was hot glued to the back.


I was really happy to find two striped tins so the wings could be all different but the striped crowns tie them together.  I draw out the wing shape on the back of the wings because it is usually impossible to remove felt pen marks from the painted side of the tin.


This little beauty is the star of the show.  I actually paid $12.00 for her image because I love it so much…. so I overpaid.  You can almost hear her singing at the top of her lungs, “Santa Claus is coming to town.”  Hopefully my little trio made you smile! Have a Happy Saturday and Sunday :  )


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