Stay Awhile Free Printable


I found some more cat font that I couldn’t resist turning into a little 5 x 7 that is perfect for the guest room.  After I printed out the phrase, I added a scrapbook paper border and cut out some flowers from my new bohemian scrapbook pad.

A few weeks ago I was a visitor….my son and daughter-in-law invited my husband and I for a three day visit, partly because they needed a babysitter for Thursday.  We trekked 6 hours to arrive on Wednesday evening where there was a flurry of activity as folks were rushing off to catch a plane for a weekend wedding in Vermont.

I slept on the couch so I could hear my four year old grandson’s pitter patter which started at 6am. His voice was shaky when he said “Where’s my Dad?”  “He went to work.”  Where’s my Mom?”  “She’s on an airplane to go to a wedding in Vermont.” “What’s a wedding?”  He questioned with more quiver in his voice.  Fortunately his parents wedding photos were right there on the wall.  So I pointed out the white dress and tuxedo.  With no warning that the crisis was over and he asked “Want to play with some playdoh?”  WHEW!

So Thursday was a day packed with adventures like playing catch, sock tag, gathering red leaves and making ice cream creations.  When his dad pulled in the driveway I had logged 12 hours of Luke!


Since we live 6 hours away from each other I don’t get a lot of face to face time with my son and it was nice to go have some real conversations, go out for lunch, watch Luke have fun at a trampoline park, and enjoy a movie on Friday.

Saturday morning was lazy as we watched the latest Star Wars movie on his big screen tv.  Just before I headed to the guest room to pack up to leave, Luke looked at me with a puzzled look, “Grandma Patty, are you going to stay here forever?”

Three days seemed like forever to a four year old.  When I made this little mixed media I smiled at the sentiment…”Stay Awhile”  might mean one thing to someone and quite another thing to someone else!

Click & Print:




Here is the cat font if you want to print out a little guest room picture for yourself.







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