Repurposed Tin Lid Wreath

decoupage_20 c


It took a while to collect all these can lids because a lot of the tin goods we buy have pull tabs.  I used green bean cans for the smaller flowers and whole tomato cans for the large flowers.  JoAnn’s Fabrics had the cutest collection of bright plastic buttons that I doubled up for the center of each flower.


tin wreath closeuptin wreath closeup2tin wreath closeup3tin wreath closeup4

I used a combination of spray paint, acrylic paint, nail polish and paint pens to decorate the flowers.

I used the large tin can lids cut in four sections to make the leaves and “painted” them with green nail polish and a green paint pen.

tin wreath back

I ran colored wire through the button holes and used a dab of hot glue to hold the twisted wire in place.

tin wreath back leaves

I recommend using a glue like E6000 to attach the leaves because that is water resistant.  Glue each leave next to the intersection of the flowers.

tin wreath feature

Doesn’t it get you in the mood for Spring?


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