Faux Neon Sign

faux neon

My husband started out the new year in the hospital for 6 days. Thank the Lord he has recovered from the trauma that sent him there!!!  At the hospital they certainly go through a lot of plastic and they sent us home with a bag full of stuff.  We were finally sorting through the bags and I pulled out this oxygen tubing.  I was getting ready to toss it and I had the thought “my husband might need this” so I cut off the oxygen mask and plug in at each end.

faux neon hello

A few days later I saw the neon pink 20 gauge wire at JoAnn Fabrics and I was glad I didn’t toss it because my curiousity wondered if it would make a cute faux neon sign inside the tubing.  It turned out “neon-ish” so I was happy with my experiment.

faux neon start

The first step was to find a word that fit on my 6 x 12 canvas board so I Goggled neon lights and this was in Google images so I saved the photo and printed it.  After cutting out the image I used rubber cement to attach it to the canvas board.

faux neon

It is really easy to put two lengths of neon pink wire into the tubing and when you bend the wire, the tubing stays where you bend it!

faux neon drill holes

I drilled holes every so often and threaded 28 gauge wire to hold the tubing close to the board.

faux neon

Sometimes I have to make something, just to see if I can make it!  LOL.  It took a few hours to satisfy my curiousity! Now that I think about it, since the tubing came from a place we were so glad to exit, I should have made my sign an EXIT sign.  Oh well.



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