Garage Sale Report # 3

garage sale report

I had so much fun at this estate sale this weekend!  I spent a whopping $11.00 which is more than I usually spend.  Frogs were everywhere and I know from selling frog themed mixed media at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon, folks still collect frogs.  YAY!

garage sale report frog

This was the first frog I picked up and I immediately thought “You have to have rain to get rainbows.”  Since it is a resin ornament, I think I will use an Altoid tin to feature this precious little frog.

garage sale report doll

This globe themed ball will become a flying doll trophy!

garage sale report_10

After he gets a glittery crown, this tile with an attached easel will say:

“Wanna Smooch?”


garage sale report_7

I plan to use these delft salt and pepper shakers as clangers in a flatware wind chime.  I will spray paint the flatware cobalt blue.


garage sale report boat

This dish will make a perfect whimsical boat with paper doll characters.


garage sale report_12

I am so curious if I can transform this pretty plate with waterslide decals.  I am thinking of scanning into my computer Caspari Napkins I used on this wreath and printing them out on waterslide transfers.


garage sale report_11

I haven’t the “froggiest” notion why I bought this!  It is too heavy for a collage, but I had to have it.  I know I’m weird. LOL.

It will be fun to transform these little treasures and I will post them after each has had it’s makeover.  :  )

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